Setup Container Registry Action

I’m pleased to announce my first GitHub action ([]!

This action setups the Docker Registry with a single GitHub Action!

on: [push]
    name: Simple Workflow
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - id: registry
        uses: Sgitario/setup-container-registry@v1
      - name: Usage
        run: |
          # You can access the container registry via:
          # - Environment Variable: $CONTAINER_REGISTRY_URL
          # - Output: $       

Why do we need this action?

Normally, you first build your container, and then you verify the image by running end-to-end tests. This already works if you run the images locally. However, if what you want is to test the image in a cluster environment like Kind or OpenShift, you need the containers up and running in a registry and here is when it comes to playing this action :)


I wanted to take this opportunity to learn how to implement and publish my custom actions in GitHub and I’m pleased to say that the experience was really easy and straightforward.

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