Java 16 New Features

After looking into the new features in Java 15, let’s continue with my series of Java new features with Java 16.

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JEP 394: Pattern Matching for instanceof

This feature was entered in Java 14 and 15 and it’s now fully supported. In summary, we can do things like this:

if (obj instanceof String s) {
    // can use s here
} else {
    // can't use s here

JEP 395: Records

This feature was entered in Java 14 and 15 and it’s now fully supported. In summary, we can write POJO classes simply doing:

public record Person(String name, int age) { 
    Person {
        if (age < 18) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("Too young!");

JEP 390: Warnings for Value-Based Classes

Java will output warnings when bad practices are committed. For example, compile-time synchronization warnings depend on static typing, while runtime warnings can respond to synchronization on non-value-based class and interface types, like Object.

Double d = 20.0;
synchronized (d) { ... } // javac warning & HotSpot warning
Object o = d;
synchronized (o) { ... } // HotSpot warning

JEP 397: Sealed Classes (Second Preview)

This is on preview, so to use it, you need to supply the --enable-preview when running Java.

This feature was entered in Java 15 as preview and it has been extended with the following refinements:

  • Specify the notion of a contextual keyword, superseding the prior notions of restricted identifier and restricted keyword in the JLS. Introduce the character sequences sealed, non-sealed, and permits as contextual keywords.
  • As with anonymous classes and lambda expressions, local classes may not be subclasses of sealed classes when determining the implicitly declared permitted subclasses of a sealed class or sealed interface.
  • Enhance narrowing reference conversion to perform stricter checking of cast conversions with respect to sealed type hierarchies.

Garbage Collector enhancements

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