Red Hat Automation Manager Sessions

We’ll be starting a session walkthrough about the Red Hat Automation Manager solution. This product allows to automate decisions and process using the BPMN 2.0 standard through Drools and/or jBPM.

The Automation Manager solution integrates everything. It supports a large number of architectures with different topologies and is currently in use by a large number of companies.

Nowadays, Red Hat is making an effort to implement a new cloud-native solution of Automation Manager called Kogito.

  1. Drools: Learn how to write business rules
  2. jBPM: Learn how to model and deploy business logic
  3. Automation Manager
  4. Kogito - Overview: Take advantage of Quarkus and Cloud networking
  5. Kogito - Developer Guide: Developer Guide to contribute in Kogito project
  6. Kogito - Travel Agency Example: The most popular example for Kogito project
  7. Kogito - Security #1: Enable Security in Services
[ jBPM, Kogito ]